Expand Your Portfolio, Build Your Wealth

Expand Your Portfolio

In order to build a successful property portfolio you need to have the correct mindset, and the best way to create it is through knowledge. This is what will give you the confidence to invest year after year.

IPW can be a valuable asset in growing your portfolio, as we offer you the knowledge and tools needed to make advised and educated decisions on your next property.

Using the following services we can help grow your portfolio:

Property Investment Analysis (PIA)

Analysing your investment is essential in the research phase of property selection. We will analyse the capital growth, cash flows, and tax implications for any investment property and provide instant feedback on the projected after-tax cost and rate of return. We will compute cash flow projections for up to 40 years and can change more than 100 variables including property price, rent, capital growth, inflation, deposit, loan type, etc. We can forecast the internal rate of return (IRR) and weekly cost of the proposed investment.

Suburb Profiles

This gives you statistics of recent years growth and recent sales, along with vital information on the suburb and surrounding areas including demographics & infrastructure to help you make a more informed decision.

Depreciation Schedules

Many investors do not get a professional depreciation schedule when they buy an investment property, this often results in missing out on significant tax deductions and improving the cash flow associated with that property.

IPW work with quantity surveyors this will help you to maximise your Depreciation and allow you to receive a far greater Tax Benefit that will increase your cash flow. This is a legal document to be given to your accountant to make as many tax deductions as possible, making it a far more beneficial investment. can ensure you are getting the most benefit out of your existing properties.

Property Management

Careful selection of a property manager is also essential to the success of a healthy portfolio.  A good property manager will do all of the following:

Choosing the correct property management company will minimise your risk (less damage, less maintenance, lower vacancy rates) resulting in reduced overheads, and better cash flow. IPW have an in house property management company (All About Rentals) that do nothing but rental management (unlike most traditional rental agents) maintaining a proactive approach to property leasing and management. They also have an excellent property to manager ratio. ensuring your investment is getting the attention it deserves and achieving it’s maximum return.

If you are looking for a property manager that understand the needs of a landlord, and appreciates your desire to expand your portfolio – click the link below:


Rental appraisals

All about rentals can provide a market estimate of the rent you are likely to achieve. Learn how to use the predicted rental return to assist in securing finance for your investment property, by improving your ability to service the debt.

Cash Flow

One of the key elements, if not the most important element, required to grow your portfolio is cash flow.

Ensuring your portfolio is balanced and that you can afford to cover the cost associated with holding the properties is essential. Through careful planing and property selection, you can manage your cash flow to ensure the lions share is being covered by the tenant and the tax man. This can often make the difference in being able to afford that next property, or having to wait and possibly losing out on potential capital growth in the meantime.

Through management of your portfolio you can build equity faster, allowing you to expand your portfolio of investment properties year after year. Start small, aim high!

To learn more about how to get the most from your portfolio, and use your equity to secure more investment properties in the future, contact IPW for a 1 on 1 consultation.

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Highly Competitive

Our prices are constantly being checked and compared to our competition. We believe our quality and prices, combined with an average build time of 4 months, represents Melbourne's best value.

Property Management

We can open homes for prospective tenants during the build to ensure we have tenants lined up before the home is completed. Start renting out as soon as you pick up the keys!

Professional Consultancy

At your disposal is all the professional help you need to become a property investor. We have experts in accounting, conveyancing and finance, making us a one stop shop for specialists in property investment.