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Coral & Hugo
We are now building our 4th investment property with Investment Property Wholesalers and we would not even think of looking elsewhere. The staff are very friendly and helpful and we feel extremely comfortable with the whole process, in fact all we do is sign the contracts, they do the rest from External & Internal Colour Selections through to installing blinds & flyscreens etc.
We use our investment properties equity and do not need to touch our own home to borrow against. They have arranged everything for us, from Valuations & Depreciation Schedules through to the Property Management.
Coral & Hugo from Clyde
With help from IPW, I have recently purchased my first investment property. Tenants were already waiting for the property to be finished. My investment is already cash flow positive and I should be able to have it all paid off within 5 years. The almost identical property next door recently sold for $50,000 more than what I purchased mine for. Not a bad result for 6 months.
Sophie & Ben
We have purchased many Investment Properties with IPW over the past 8 years and have referred family and friends and they are all equally as impressed with them as we are. Every property we have built has had at least $20,000 equity in it by the time construction is even finished, so why would we go anywhere else. They are very professional and friendly and we find their one on one service exceptional. We would recommend building your Investment Property Portfolio with them for sure.
Sophie & Ben from Pakenham
Paul & Anne
We were looking for an investment property for quite a long time before finally purchasing through IPW. We had spoken to, and looked at property with several investment companies in the city. All these companies were not only unhelpful but put a lot of pressure on us to buy. When we told them that we would not be purchasing, they became quite rude. After attending a seminar held in Melbourne by a Queensland company, we flew to Queensland to inspect some of their properties. Soon, we discovered that the agent was receiving in excess of $50,000 commission, and we would have to make up a shortfall of nearly $200 a week. This would have sent us broke instead of putting us on the road to financial security as promised. The property we purchased through IPW actually returned $15 a week more than we had originally accounted for. Being the good investment that it is, the property has never been vacant. Within only 3 years, we have had almost a 30% increase in the value of the property.
Paul & Anne