Learn How to Build Your First Investment Property

Learn How To Invest

Less than 5% of couples retire on $50,000 pa or more, and this is not by accident – they invested their money!

The more you understand property investment and the benefits it can provide, the more comfortable you will be investing your hard earned money.


There are many different ways to invest in property, IPW focus on methods that offer less volatility and risk to our clients.

We want to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to avoid falling victim to clever and misleading marketing.

It is just as important to understand what you don’t get in an advertised price as it is to know what is included.

Marketing terms such as ‘Turn Key’ and ‘Fixed Site Costs’ fall well short of their namesake, with exclusions and conditions resulting in increases to the advertised price in the ten’s of thousands.

Some of the common exclusions from ‘turn key’ homes are:

‘Fixed’ site costs are often another area of misleading marketing, common exclusions include:

When you combine these two examples, you are talking about of tens of  thousands of dollars in finishes that have been excluded from the advertised price. Our investment packages are tenant ready, all of the above items are included and much more.  When we complete a home it is ready for the tenant, nothing left for you to do.

Once you have learnt the correct questions to ask, you will be able to make your own ‘educated’ decision on who offers the best value for money.


IPW offer a 1 on 1 consultation, including liaising with your financial planner, accountant & finance broker.  It is essential that you surround yourself with the strongest possible team in order to succeed with any type of investment.

We cater our solutions to your circumstances, and by dealing directly with the builder you save on the excessive sales commissions charged by the marketing companies and industry middle men.

What you will learn . . .

IPW will explain –

We can also teach you about purchasing using a SMSF (self Managed Super Fund) including –

Education in property investment will never stop, as the rules and regulations both in the building industry and with the Australian Tax Office continue to change, the industry and investment strategy continues to evolve.

The one constant that makes property investment such a strong, consistent performer is that people will always need a roof over their heads. As long as their is a demand for affordable accommodation there will be a rental property demand. This consistently equates to an increase in the value of property over time, and it is this trend that can be utilised to continue to build your property portfolio beyond your first investment.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions, or register for an upcoming seminar to learn more.


Highly Competitive

Our prices are constantly being checked and compared to our competition. We believe our quality and prices, combined with an average build time of 4 months, represents Melbourne's best value.

Property Management

We can open homes for prospective tenants during the build to ensure we have tenants lined up before the home is completed. Start renting out as soon as you pick up the keys!

Professional Consultancy

At your disposal is all the professional help you need to become a property investor. We have experts in accounting, conveyancing and finance, making us a one stop shop for specialists in property investment.