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Q. What makes a good investment?

A. One with a good return and low risk. Investment property can provide a fast, sure and safe pathway to financial independence.


Q. What about investing in shares?

A. While the returns from both shares and property are good, there is a much greater risk of losing capital by investing in shares.  Recent times of market volatility have demonstrated such risk.


Q. When is the best time to invest?

A. Many financial commentators try to predict the best time to buy property, or the next property hot spot, but it is all too easy to sit back and do nothing missing the boat altogether. The best time to buy a property is not when you judge the time to be right (because we don’t all have a crystal ball) but rather, just when you can afford to invest.


Q. Can i afford to invest in property?

A. A $400,000 property can cost less than $10 per week!,  we have properties available now that offer a positive cash flow after taxation adjustment*

Using the taxation laws in Australia you can reduce your taxable income due to depreciation of your property and the cost associated with holding the property. This results in the tenant and the tax man covering a large majority of the cost to secure your investment.


Q. If buying an investment property is so cheap, why isn’t everybody doing it?

A. Because most people have other priorities. For example:

These are typical hire purchase/lease costs for such consumer items, these in themselves do not cost much, but can consume most available spare cash flow.

Most people will identify with at least one of these. Investing often means you can still have a 4WD now, but the boat may have to wait, or you can have the new kitchen now, but you may have to do without the latest Widescreen TV . . . .


Q. “I worry about going into debt”

A. There is ‘good debt’ and ‘bad debt’. The difference is that with ‘good debt’, you borrow to buy things that increase in value, such as property – rather than something that decreases in value, such as cars.

Borrowing money (or ‘gearing’) magnifies the returns on your investment, and makes investing in property extremely affordable. Also, if you are worried about interest rates rising you always have the option of locking into a fixed rate for an agreed period.


When you team up with IPW, your property questions are answered, as we help you make informed decisions by providing all the data you need to manage your investment, build your property portfolio, and steer you on the path to building wealth. If you have more questions please fell free to contact us or register for one of our upcoming free seminars.

Please contact us or register for a seminar to answer all your property investment questions.


(*Note: the example is based on an income of $80,000 pa and is provided as a guide only. The example does not take into account your individual financial circumstances.)

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