Get the taxman and your tenant to pay for your investment . . .

Who pays for your investment?

IPW can show you how the Australian Taxation Office, and your tenant, will pay the majority of the holding costs associated with your investment.

Using the Australian taxation laws you can claim the depreciation and expenses associated with your investment property to reduce your taxable income. By reducing you tax liability you will receive a substantial tax refund at the end of the financial year.

This means that most of the money paid out during the year (loan interest, rates, property management, insurance) can come back as a lump sum in your tax return.  Using this money to reduce your ‘bad debt’ (mortgage on your principal residence, CC debt etc.) will not only reduce your ‘bad debt’ but also get you closer to your next investment property. (Read more about ‘good debt’ vs ‘bad debt’ in the Q & A section of the site)

IPW will conduct a detailed property investment analysis (PIA) of your chosen property and your personal situation to show you how this can work for you.

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Highly Competitive

Our prices are constantly being checked and compared to our competition. We believe our quality and prices, combined with an average build time of 4 months, represents Melbourne's best value.

Property Management

We can open homes for prospective tenants during the build to ensure we have tenants lined up before the home is completed. Start renting out as soon as you pick up the keys!

Professional Consultancy

At your disposal is all the professional help you need to become a property investor. We have experts in accounting, conveyancing and finance, making us a one stop shop for specialists in property investment.